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Best Face Cream For Newborn Baby

Térre Baby Almond Baby Body Butter

It's time fall in love with your skin with Térre Baby almond Baby Body butter. As soft as butter, glide, and feel, the body butter is like never before a refreshing experience. Carried with the goodness of Almond and Shea Butter, it is all you need to hold the moisture and dryness intact. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds provide the skin with light and luster. It often revives the skin by exfoliating it. Shea Butter's rejuvenating smell allows you to de-stress and have an excellent start to the day. So, don't delay - buy almond body butter online today.

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  • Deeply Nourishes The Skin: The organic and healthy elements delve deep into the cells of the skin. This body butter offers moisture and nutrition, thus helping the skin feel amazing all day long.
  • Improves Skin Elasticity: Nutritional oils in body butter aid enhance the elasticity of the skin. It ultimately helps in softening the skin.
  • Eliminates Dryness & Dullness: The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects of natural ingredients lead to hydration efficiencies and radiate skin glow. This keeps the skin smooth, thoroughly nourished, and light.
  • Made With Natural Ingredients: The 100% natural elements used in natural almond body butter are free of any chemical ingredients; therefore, it is 100% safe for your baby's skin.



A touch of a mother! That's what the latest lotion – Almond Baby Body Butter is. It is specially designed to hydrate the skin of your baby while guarding against pollutants and toxins. It has a gentle smell and does not irritate the baby. The organic Sesame, Almond, Coconut, and Jojoba oils used are excellent for baby's skin, general nutrition, and diet. Shea butter, coconut nectar, cocoon milk, and peanut butter are star ingredients that moisturize your baby's soft skin for long hours. Lavender and Turmeric herbal essential oils soothe the baby's senses, help the skin shine, and keep it safe. All the products are bound by an organic emulsifier extracted from beaver oil. All materials used to combine this product are organically approved.

How To Use?

  • Apply generously Térre Baby's Almond Baby Body Butter (Lotion) to your baby's body.
  • Rub using a circular motion softly before the bodily butter is thoroughly absorbed.
  • After the bath, regular hydration is recommended and, when required, all day long to keep your baby's skin safe and hydrated.
100% Natural
Safe For Baby's Skin
Mom's Favourite
Organic Best Baby Care Products Organic Best Baby Care Products

Key Ingredients

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

It has a range of soothing properties and can help cure skin diseases such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. You may benefit from it as a cleanser or moisturizer. 

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

Its anti-aging properties help heal the skin and keep it refreshed for long hours. Therefore, it helps with skin rejuvenation.



Almond oil has emollient qualities, making it an ideal product for enhancing both skin and complexions.



Kokum is both anti-bacterial and antioxidative and helps resist infection.

Why Choose Us

You get Sulfate, Mineral Oil, and Paraben Free Body Butter. No scent and color were applied—natural, non-toxic goods, clear of hazardous compounds. No chemical ingredients are added to increase baby moisturizer's cosmetic appeal. Térre Baby Almond Baby Body Butter is produced without using any additives from a natural herbal extraction technique. Limited batches of homemade mother-made items. Ingredients and methods influenced by Ayurveda. Right lotion for babies and moisturizers for winters. We use only good quality, checked packages, which are free from toxic dyes and chemicals.  

Caution and storage conditions


  • Some individuals may be resistant to natural ingredients. Conduct an inner elbow patch exam and leave for 30 minutes. If there is irritation, avoid using, and seek medical treatment.
  • The natural product can alter color and texture over the period, but the potency and benefit stay the same.
  • To prevent infection, use butter with clean, dry palms.


Storage Conditions:-

  • Keep in a safe, dry spot
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Do not cool off
  • Keep the cap firmly closed after use


testing & certifications

Baby Health Care Certification

Customer Reviews


4.9 out of 5 stars

  • User Profile

    Kush Verma

    Best natural almond body butter
    May 10, 2021

    Very happy with this body butter from Térre Baby. Moisturises baby skin from within and keeps it soft for a long time. Has a nice refreshing smell to it.

  • User Profile

    Tania Gupta

    Lovely Almond Body Butter
    November 23, 2021

    My baby loves this almond body butter. I reorder all the time - the scent is pleasant and delicate. This body butter feels great going on. Excellent quality and fast delivery.

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