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Térre Baby Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement for Lactating Mothers

If you’re a breast-feeding mother and if your milk production is less or not sufficient to fulfil the needs of your baby. It’s time you consider Térre Baby Ayurvedic Lactation supplement. Infused with natural ingredients like Asparagus racemosus, Amla, Cinnamon and Godanti Bhasma, it is the finest ayurvedic lactation supplement for mothers. Its regular intake will help to boost the milk flow and also the nutritional quality of the milk.

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  • Helps to enhance milk production in breastfeeding moms.
  • Safe and effective herbal powder with a source of calcium for nursing mothers.
  • Formulated with the goodness of Shatavari, a well-known herb to enhance milk supply.



Breast Milk is extremely beneficial for your baby’s health. It is possibly the best form of nutrition as it contains antibodies that enhance your baby’s immunity. Even WHO suggests that for an infant’s optimal growth and development, they should be breastfed for at least the first six months. However, if the milk production is less in a new mother probably due to stress, medical problems or sleepless nights. It can be taken care of by eating a well-balanced diet and taking additional supplements. 

Térre Baby Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement is safe and healthy for nursing moms. It is proven to be the best ayurvedic medicine for lactation because of its effectiveness and positive results. It is enriched with Shatavari and other natural ingredients to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk. Enjoy a smooth breastfeeding journey with Térre Baby Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement.


  • It promotes healthy lactation in breastfeeding women.
  • It is ayurvedic and completely safe to use with no side effects.
  • It has the goodness of Shatavri that helps to increase milk flow.
  • It is a rich source of calcium for lactating mothers.
Give the best nutrition
Help grow faster
Boosts Immunity
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Key Ingredients

Asparagus Racemosus

Asparagus Racemosus

It doesn't only treat fertility conditions but also helps lower stress and anxiety. It's also beneficial in treating respiratory disorders and improves digestion.



It is a source of vitamin c, so it helps improve the resistance, metabolism and avoids viral and bacterial diseases, like the cold.



The scent of cinnamon not only makes you smile, but it's also healthy food! Cinnamon warmth is assumed to enhance blood flow and raise oxygen levels to prevent disease better.

Godanti Bhasma

Godanti Bhasma

Godanti Bhasma is a strong mixture of calcium- and other mineral-rich organic and plant extracts, which has no side effects. It's useful in curing chronic diseases.

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Caution and storage conditions


  • The authority has not reviewed these claims, and they are not meant to detect, administer, heal, or deter any disease or disorder.
  • Don't take an overdose
  • In case of any symptoms, reach your doctor immediately
  • Keep out of the children's reach and sight


Storage Conditions:-

  • Store in a cool, dark, and dry place
  • Keep away from the direct sunlight


testing & certifications

Baby Health Care Certification

Customer Reviews


4.9 out of 5 stars

  • User Profile

    Sweta Choudhary

    Best Supplement for mothers for breastfeeding
    September 30, 2020

    Térre Baby is an ayurvedic lactation supplement that is made with the goodness of Shatavari and 4 natural herbs. It helped to increase the quality and quantity of breast milk. It is rich in calcium and sulfur which helps to improve bone growth and strength.

  • User Profile

    Ankita Sharma

    Ayurvedic Medicine to Increase Breast Milk
    June 04, 2021

    Best ayurvedic medicine to increase breast milk. I have used it for the last 2 months and this product helped me produce more milk. I recommend Térre Baby Ayurvedic Lactation Supplement to moms if they want to produce more breast milk to fulfill the baby's needs.

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