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Best Face Cream For Newborn Baby

Térre Baby Plant Based Natural Baby Lotion

If your skin is parched, dry, sore, and needs that extra boost of natural oils and moisturization, then the best organic & natural baby lotion is the right option that you need. Baby lotion is a thick and smooth liquid used in cosmetics and medicine for skin treatment. Advanced with the characteristic decency of regular and natural oils, the body lotion is as liberal as it is supporting. Also, it smells totally delightful and nourishes your skin.

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  • Free from parabens and synthetic colors
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Safe and gentle to use
  • Maintain the nutrition and ph balance of the baby’s skin
  • Restore skin moisture
  • Improves skin luster



Purchase natural baby body lotion for newborn children or give your blessing by giving this stunning guaranteed baby lotion to your friend. Simultaneously, the lotion is amazingly lightweight, assimilates rapidly, and doesn't feel oily. Make dry, dried out, and flaky skin a relic of past times.

How To Use

  • Give a clean bath to your baby
  • Dry his/her by using a towel
  • Gently apply the body lotion to the baby’s skin and over the body
  • Reseal the lotion package after use

Use regularly to nourish and moisturize the baby’s dry skin. Stop using the lotion if skin irritation occurs.


  • Long-lasting moisturizing skin
  • Prevents dryness
  • Suitable for dry skin
  • No use of parabens and toxin
  • Makes the baby’s skin soft and supple (by using the best natural baby lotions)
Nourishes and moisturizes
Soothe the skin
Clinically tested and safe for babies
Organic Best Baby Care Products Organic Best Baby Care Products

Key Ingredients

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

It diminishes the odds of creating aggravation or irritation on the skin. It expands dampness maintenance and keeps the skin from getting excessively dry.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

It is plentiful in fundamental Vitamins and Minerals, including Vitamins E and B-complex, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Chromium, and Iodine, which give sustenance to child's skin.

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera Extract

It is a gel separated from plants and has monstrous forces to recuperate and saturate the skin while being delicate

Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil

It is a sterile and calming fixing. Nutrient C present in this oil helps in ensuring and mending the skin.

Why Choose Us

With Térre Baby, you will get a cute smile on your baby’s face. Our team experts make a strong and loving connection between the mother and child. Hurry up, and explore Térre Baby special products with special needs and requirements.

Térre Baby plant based natural baby lotion specially formulated to restore the baby’s skin natural shine and brightness. It makes the baby skin soft and supple. Our plant-powered baby lotion is enriched with natural oils like almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and so on. Almond oil restores skin moisture, olive oil improves skin luster, and the product efficiency remains the same and unchanged before the time period.

Caution and storage conditions


  • Conduct a pale test on your skin before applying to the child's skin
  • To dodge pollution use in the wake of washing or towel washing child's skin
  • The product is for external use only, do not apply internally
  • Don’t apply to the itchy areas, pulses, and measles
  • Check the product efficiency at some time interval


Storage Conditions:-

  • Stay away from children
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Reseal the lid after each use
  • Keep away from light and sunlight UV rays


testing & certifications

Baby Health Care Certification

Customer Reviews


4.9 out of 5 stars

  • User Profile

    Ankit Sharma

    Best baby body lotion for dry and sensitive skin
    May 08, 2021

    Makes the baby’s skin soft and supple (by using the best natural baby lotions). Toxin-free, 100% natural with a pleasant smell.

  • User Profile

    Vishal Singh

    Natural Baby Lotion - Best In Class Baby Lotion
    June 12, 2021

    I love this product.. perfect for babies and smells really good. Térre Baby's natural baby lotion is specially formulated to restore the skin's natural beauty, Baby Lotion is enriched with almond oil that restores skin’s moisture, olive oil which improves skin luster, and yashtimadhu and country mallow, which soothes the skin. It contains 100% herbal actives so perfect for a baby's skin. The baby lotion is soft, non-greasy, rebuilds the skin, and provides complete coverage for infants. The same lotion is suitable for dry skin/dryness, rashes, small burns. The scent is good and not much tantalizing. Highly recommended for baby and adults could use to eradicate dry skin in winter.

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