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Best Face Cream For Newborn Baby

Térre Baby Rose and Mandarin Body Massage Oil

Rose symbolizes love and romance, whereas mandarin oil is dark yellow color oil used for a quiet and peaceful sleep. Sleep is the necessary and basic need of everyone for children, men, and women. For a calm and relaxing sleep, use body massage oil rose & mandarin for your lovely and chubby babies. Rose and mandarin massage oil is a great combination of rose oil & mandarin oil used to decrease fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression.

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  • Relieves the pain
  • Alleviates the cramping pain
  • Diminish the level of anxiety and stress
  • Reduce the blood pressure, high breathing rates
  • 100 percent organic and natural
  • A good combination of rose oil and mandarin oil



Rose and mandarin body extra rich massage oil is a good mixture of essential oil, rose oil, mandarin oil, etc. to nourish and moisturize the babies’ skin. It maintains the ph balance and nutritional balance of the skin. It might be the best choice for infants’ sleep.

Rose oil and mandarin oil works as an anti-bacterial and anti-microbes to prevent the skin from harmful and hurtful insects, bugs, and mosquitoes bites. It also contains a good and awesome fragrance.

How To Use

Follow these directions to use the essentials rose & mandarin body massage oil for daily bath and foot massage:

  • Take warm water in the bucket or tub
  • Add 8-10 drops of the oil
  • Give a warm bath to your child
  • If you want to do a foot massage, then dissolve your feet into the water and wait for 10-15 minutes
  • Dry it via using a soft cloth and towel


  • Relieves unwanted chemicals and impurities from the baby’s skin
  • Useful in baby and foot massage
  • Safe and gentle for children
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce the stretch marks during and after the childbirth
  • Useful for digesting the food
  • Beneficial for dry skin
  • Helps to get rid of insomnia
  • Boost energy and sleep
Clinically tested
Safe and secure for baby’s skin
Suitable for sensitive and dry skin
Organic Best Baby Care Products Organic Best Baby Care Products

Key Ingredients

Rose Oil

Rose Oil

Used to take a rose oil bath and foot bath. And best treatment to release the stress, anxiety

Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Diminish scars, acne, and dark spots under the eyes.



Traditional and natural herb used to decrease stress, tension and increase brain functionality

Mandarin Oil

Mandarin Oil

Calms down the baby and boost the sleep.

Why Choose Us

Térre Baby is recognized for its baby care, baby health care, and mother care products. We have not produced products for our benefits but create a loving and caring bond between the mother and a child. A newborn baby has been recognized by his/her mother via her fragrance, soft touch, and smooth skin. And we care for your health and baby health. Hurry up, explore our Térre Baby products for the loving care of your baby.

Térre Baby rose and mandarin body massage oil rich in anti-microbes and natural oils used to relieve the stress and nourish and moisturize the baby’s skin.

Caution and storage conditions


  • A pale test is required before using the oil directly to the baby
  • Read and follow all the instructions carefully
  • For external use only
  • Don’t use over the affected skin areas


Storage Conditions

  • Store in a dry and cool place
  • Reseal the package after every use to maintain the efficiency of the oil
  • Keep away from your little ones
  • Do not place near the fire

testing & certifications

Baby Health Care Certification

Customer Reviews


4.9 out of 5 stars

  • User Profile

    Manu Sharma

    Best Rose & Mandarin Body Massage Oil
    May 21, 2021

    Rose and Mandarin Body Massage Oil is superb in terms of moisturizing and keeps skin feeling soft! The oil is very light and absorbs very quickly in the skin. The fragrance is mild. little sweet but very refreshing. I definitely recommend it.

  • User Profile

    Mayank Garg

    Best Baby Massage Oil Forever
    June 03, 2021

    Best baby massage oil recommends to all new parents if you care for your child then buy this I am using this for the last 2 months. Best oil for massaging your baby I am using Rose & Mandarin massage oil since my baby is born. I massage my baby daily the main thing is it contains Rose & Mandarin oil they both ingredients help in strong bones protect skin and prevent cold.

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